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1974 – 1978: Pre-Medical Program Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan.
1978 -1981: Palmer College of Chiropractic


Iowa, 04853. Originally licensed in 1981.


Owner and practitioner of private clinic for 28 years.
Founder/ Developer of the International Academy of Advanced Chiropractic Orthopedics
(Courses of advanced instruction of the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the extremities).

Medical Advisory Board Member for the MicroLight Corporation of America and keynote speaker for the American Society of Laser Therapy, (developed to promulgate qualitative and quantitative evidence based research on the clincal effects of Laser

Therapy and maintain an updated directory of nationally certified DCs that have successfully completed the courses of study in Laser Therapy).

Founder of the Institute for Repetitive Strain Injuries (IRSI™) an educational organization, with a network of world-wide DCs that have successfully completed Dr. Mally’s International Conference on CTS and CTDs (diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for the 12 most common upper extremity entrapment neuropathies from the elbow to hand).

Featured Speaker on Sports and Occupational Injuries of the Extremities for 28 years for numerous Chiropractic Colleges, the ECU, C.E.P.A, ProSport, Parker Seminars, Parker College, multi-disciplinary audiences,  including and not limited to Orthopedic Surgeons, PT’s, OT’s, and many State Associations worldwide.

Founder (1991) and current instructor for the Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Sports Injury Club.

Post-Graduate faculty for Parker College, Parker Seminars, Footlevelers, Anabolic Labs and has instructed post graduate courses for several Chiropractic Colleges, including Palmer College, Northwestern, Cleveland,  Logan, Palmer West and Life West, Anglo European Chiropractic College (Bournemouth, England), Denmark School of Medicine (NIKKB).

Technique faculty instructor appointed for establishing treatment protocols for the

Care of the Elite and Professional Athletes (C.E.P.A).

Past and current Extension Faculty Member of Palmer College of Chiropractic Intern Preceptorship Program (2009-10).


Current member of American Chiropractic Association, Iowa Chiropractic Society.

Member of Council on Sports Injuries, Council on Athletics and Physical Fitness, C.E.P.A, ProSport, Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation, and contributor to the   Foundation of Chiropractic Progress.


Numerous post graduate courses completed to maintain active licensure in Iowa since 1981.


Certified speaker for Parker Seminars, Biofreeze/Theraband, Anabolic Labs, Microlight, Footlevelers, numerous State and International Associations, WFC,

International Chiropractic Association and numerous other venues.


Featured in American Chiropractor Magazine Vol. 25, Number 6, November/December 2003 pgs 18-22.

Author of Nationally distributed C.T.S./C.T.D, Sports and Occupational Injuries of The Upper Extremities, Lower Extremities, Cervical Spine and TMJ books (a compilation of excerpts, abstracts, anatomy, biomechanics, radiology, clinical examinations and findings, differential diagnosis and Dr. Mally’s corrective technique pictorial for the treatment and management of the extremities).


Compiling research data (case collection status) pertaining to specialized cases (CTS/CTDs) involving Industrial and Occupational related injuries/conditions.

Collecting data (evidence based) on specialized extremity cases referred to and treated by Dr Mally from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, North Carolina, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Norway.

Chiropractic physician for professional basketball, hockey, and baseball teams treating many world class and celebrity athletes which has lead to instructional multi-disciplinary courses emphasizing enhanced understanding of  the pathomechanics and biomechanics of extremity injuries and advanced clinical treatment and prevention protocols for said injuries.

Compiling the largest (1200+) clinical case studies involving structural and functional limb length inequality directly causing foot/ankle knee, pelvic, hip and spinal deformity, scoliosis, total hip and knee replacements (Grant application process).

Developed protocols for balance, core center of gravity (COG), weight distribution and research procedures for restoring the COG, instructed through post-graduate education courses (Grant application process).

Developed the X-Ray technique protocol for CTS using Dr. Mally’s

patented X-POSER, a benchmark for the analysis of CTS radiographically.

Inventor of the QUAD BASE SCALE™, a unique computerized quadrilateral scale that diagnoses and measures and rehabilitates core stability COG and balance. Case studies co-evaluated and co-managed with amputees and their prosthetists, resulting in new procedures for more precise prosthetic application, monitoring and retraining amputees for a more balanced, corrected COG (Grant application process).

Creator of revolutionary C.T.S./extremity x-ray device (X-POSERTM) and exclusive patient ReferralTM system, educational and promotional wall charts and brochures.