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Calcaneus Correction Rids 7 Year Foot Drop!

NEWSFLASH: I presented a 12 CEU Lower Extremity Seminar on Saturday, August 28th  in Lansing, Michigan that featured an amazing story of a DC with pronounced 7 year ideopathic foot drop miraculously GONE with only one specific manipulation before an enthusiastic audience of chiropactors and vendors.  This very obviously misdiagnosed and mismanaged case resulted in my attention to establishing the correct diagnosis and treatment of  Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - the “true culprit”.  As with the magician’s famous disappearing act, the near decade foot drop was corrected with precision, as ALL present observed my calcaneus reduction.  The cliche: “not to see is to guess” was miserably apparent, as EMG/NCV and multi-disciplinary approaches failed miserably in accurately diagnosing the etiology of this Doctor’s foot drop and thus led to erroneous results.  Listen to the testimonial from this Doctor in an upcoming blog. Learn my extremity techniques at one of my upcoming seminars! Start building YOUR practice and name recognition today as the leading expert in YOUR community.