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Who is the REAL Dr. Mally?

Who is the REAL Dr. Mally?

Just three courses prior to entering medical school or embarking on a career in pro football, I was sidelined by an injury to my left knee, resulting in a personal quandary… surgery or no surgery?

Chiropractors, Alan Kash, and his young associate Rick Dybowski (Madison Heights, MI) whose conservative treatments and rehabilitation resulted in my dramatic recovery, opened my eyes to an alternative form of health care, although my family and friends referred to it as quackery, a cult, etc.  My career plans changed and against opposition and heads spinning. I gained immediate acceptance to Palmer College in 1978, resulting in an exciting and life changing opportunity.

I have since developed a highly specialized practice with international recognition as an extremity expert, authored several books, invented Chiropractic equipment, and become an academician and worldwide lecturer in the field of Sports and Occupational Injuries.

My practice is multifaceted in sports and occupational injuries, workers compensation and personal injury, with an emphasis on extremity injuries, syndromes and conditions. A high volume of referrals come from chiropractors, MD’s, DO’s, dentists, attorneys and factory safety personnel for treatment of extremities including, most commonly, shoulder, elbow, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome and cumulative trauma disorders.  Also, frequent and numerous depositions as an expert witness for the above noted specialty continually add to an exciting and lucrative practice.

Mally Enterprises was founded to encompass my hands-on technique seminars and product division, to enhance  chiropractors’ clinical expertise, create a niche and to assist doctors in developing name and practice recognition as their community’s expert.

The hands-on extremity adjusting seminars feature anatomy, neurology, biomechanics, x-rays, trademarked techniques, physiotherapy and rehab, case studies, pain management, cold laser therapy, clinical nutrition, marketing the extremity practice, and much more!

The product division of Mally Enterprises, is continuously expanding affording students and doctors the availability of support materials such as “state of the art” instructional DVDs with companion books on each topic.  Each are armed with research abstracts, illustrations, 3D animations of the extremity subluxation, x-rays, technique, and a dynamic, powerful introduction including epidemiology and statistics, patient education, technique demonstration, live speed adjusting and more!  Additional products such as brochures, wall charts, postcards, specially designed and manufactured equipment (Computerized Quadrilateral Scale, Leg Length X-ray Ruler, etc) all help create the uniqueness of this specialty and enhance the potential for an incredible business opportunity as demonstrated by thousands.

My mission is “Helping Others, Help Others” and with my one-of-a-kind seminars, products and support materials you too, can develop a specialized niche, create excitement in your practice and establish name and practice recognition as your communities leading expert.

Join the masses that have benefitted from these techniques and products.  Achieve a level of mastery, increase referrals and expand your practice beyond imagination.  Enjoy the greatest return on your investment, by increasing your level of clinical competency, diagnostic and adjusting skills and overall knowledge of the extremities.  Thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned!