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American Chiropractor
The subject of this issue’s profile is Dr. Mitch Mally, a 1981 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic who has practiced for the last twenty-two years in chiropractic’s fountainhead city, Davenport, Iowa. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Mally began his Pre-Medical Training (1974) at Wayne State University in the heart of Detroit. Read More

The 7 Lifestyle Conditions Creating America’s #1 Crisis

Most of us tend to think of our health as something we are lucky to have, or unlucky to lose. Today, The following discussion includes some of the time tested principles, proven strategies and best-kept secrets that thousands of wellness doctors nationwide use for themselves and their families. Read More

Hometown Hero
Whatever town you are from, you probably have a hometown hero. It might be someone that has done something famous or someone that is looked up to. Read More
Reach For The Stars
This start of a new year, we all have New Year’s resolutions that we make and try to keep throughout the year. One man who has made resolutions and overcome obstacles in his life is Lou Ferrigno. Lou was born in Brooklyn, New York, in November 1952. At the age of two, Lou lost around 85 percent of his hearing due to an ear infection. “I couldn’t hear, and I couldn’t speak. I had a very introverted
childhood.”. Read More