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Three years ago, after I dislocated my shoulder in a mountain biking accident, my advisors directed me toward Dr. Mitch Mally, and I’m grateful that they did. Under his care, I avoided all surgery, and from his adjustments and following his recommendations, I have full use of my arm, a complete recovery. Since then, I have learned so much from his classes, filled with relevant, practical information and delivered with certainty and passion – Dr. Mally is brilliant, compassionate, generous with his wisdom, and is a true healer and a master presenter in every sense of the word. If you have a chance to study with him, don’t miss it.

Dennis Perman DC
Co-Founder of The Masters Circle


I developed a problem for four years where my jaw would clamp shut tightly without warning while chewing any type of food.  During that four year period I asked three doctors about what was occurring and what they thought caused the problem, to no avail.
I could be at home or at a restaurant and my jaw would clench down tight usually making me bite the inside of my lip and sometimes my tongue and it would usually bleed and become irritated.  It might occur only one time during a meal or several times.  I remember thatit wouldhappen several times a month from 2004-2008.  If I was out to dinner and it occurred, I would stop eating and quickly use an excuse why I was done with my dinner even if it happened after the first bite.
In the summer of 2008 our daughter who was attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport asked my husband and I to make appointments to see Dr. Mally because she was extremely impressed with his care and credentials.  I didn’t seek Dr. Mally’s care for the first visitbecause of my jaw problem.  I had already had three other doctors whodidn’t know why it happened.  During that visit he asked me if I had a problem with my jaw.  I was actually shocked that he would even ask me when I hadn’t mentioned it to him first so I told him yes, and told him of my four year ordeal.
Dr. Mally adjusted my jaw at that very first appointment and told me that I should notice a difference.  He explained how my jaw had a C curve, why it clenched shut and how it would be corrected so that I didn’t have to deal with all of the problems I had been dealing with for the past four years.  I wanted to cry because I wanted to believe that I could be free of my embarrassing problem.  Honestly I can say that my jaw stopped clenching shut after the very first TMJ adjustment that Dr. Mally did, and I have not had it happen since.  It has been two and a half years since my first TMJ adjustment.
I live in Michigan but I make sure to follow up with Dr. Mally two or three times a year when visiting my son who now attends Palmer in Davenport and is currently an intern of Dr. Mally.  Thanks to Dr. Mally who mentored my daughter as an intern; she now keeps me adjusted with his TMJ technique at her office in Michigan.   
I am so very grateful for the opportunity to meet and receive care from Dr. Mally, I will be forever thankful for what he has done for me.
Lisa Carr


My wrist & elbows feel great, Julie’s knees & feet very dramatic changes… no pain, you are amazing…you saved me, my wife & made dramatic changes with many others!

Dr. Chris Garden


What can I say but thanks for a great weekend.  I came into work more fired up than normal, put new moves on many extremities which we learned over the weekend. I did buy all your books which was a good move…I will be attending more of your seminars.

Thanks again,

Dr. Jim Didiano


My name is Dr. Nikoleta D. Alexander, and I practice in Baldwin County.  I have a request for a seminar/seminar speaker.  His name is Dr. Mitch Mally.  I first found him at an ICA Symposium in 2002 or 2003 and to say the least he was spectacular!  His area of expertise is in Extremity Adjusting.  He is an International speaker that is based out of Davenport, Iowa.  He has taken care of thousands of professional athletes!  In fact, if you are familiar with professional football, Roger Craig of the SanFrancisco 49′ers credits him with saving him from a near disabling hip injury, and from there he went on to never miss a season game for 8 years because of the work of Dr. Mally and Chiropractic!  

Dr. Mally is a phenomenal speaker, teacher, and has class beyond imagination!  I would be delighted to have him speak at a seminar/ convention in 2011, or even at a smaller regional or local seminar in Mobile. 

Thank you for your time,

Dr. Nikoleta D. Alexander, DC


Dr. Mally,

    I just wanted to say that it was a joy to work with you at our Spring 2010 Convention! Your expertise in extremity technique is unparalleled and your entertaining style kept our doctors’ attention throughout. It was great meeting you and I look forward to working with you again in the near future, as I’m sure you could see we are experiencing great success in Michigan. I hope you felt welcomed and appreciated.

Lisa Love Smith
Michigan Association of Chiropractors (6/10)


“Several years ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and had recurrent migraines that averaged once every day.  It was recommended that I sleep with a CPAP machine every night and also take heavy medication for my migraines.  Dr. Mally demonstrated how a TMJ problem could be a possible contributor to migraines and sleep apnea.  I then attended his TMJ/cervical course.  WOW…what a life changing experience!!  Dr. Mally corrected my TMJ and I haven’t had to sleep with my CPAP machine nor have I had a migraine since.  This TMJ/cervical course is a must for every chiropractor and chiropractic student who wants to learn how to change lives in their practice!!”

Brad Bark
6th trimester PCC student


Congrats on the seminar!! I know they will find the information as amazing as I have. So far, I have worked on about 50 different soldiers with knee problems that were a result of their ankle. It is truly amazing how much you can improve the quality of someone’s life by a simple adjustment. I just got back from my day on base, saw just under 70 people today. We set a goal of 200 in one day and we are going to work on that. The really cool thing is out of the 500 or so different soldiers that I have treated only a handful were chiropractic patients before, now they are all going to go home and follow up with someone in their area. If people only realized that we can all change people lives and theworld if we just put our mind to it.

Thank you,
Dr. Brent Musolf


Dear Dr. Mally,

Just wanted to thank you for you instruction on upper extremity adjusting at the MAC convention in Traverse City. I have quickly become the go-to guy in our town for shoulder problems in just a few weeks. Better yet, I have been able to resolve shoulder problems for people that have been plaguing them for years. Thank you for your hard work in developing these adjusting and teaching techniques.

Dr. Michael Ritchie, Michigan