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Here are some highlights of what you will learn from Dr. Mally’s Hands-On Extremity Adjusting modules:

Many of the major conditions, syndromes and injuries of the Upper & Lower Extremities, TMJ, Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar Spine, Leg Length, Core Stability/Balance and Peak Performance and much more.

Each course is carefully and uniquely designed to enhance consistency and continuity of corrective care. The seminar is structured to follow in-office patient protocols.

You will learn:

  • Hidden secrets in the patient’s intake history and subjective remarks that provides 95% of the diagnosis and treatment plan…nearly 3 decades of spectacular practice tips unveiled.
  • Develop a clear understanding of normal and abnormal joint mechanics relative to the mechanism of injury…the tricks aren’t hard, you will join a very select group of others trained by Dr. Mally and maximize your practice potential.
  • Interpret x-rays, palpate, and identify abnormal joints…all of the features you’ll “need to know” in your practice to successfully evaluate and treat the patient’s extremity.
  • The most complete extremity adjusting training, jam-packed with time tested and practice-proven techniques…guaranteed to enhance your palpation, adjusting skills and speed – faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Improve your communication skills…build more meaningful and lasting relationships with your patients and increase your patient visits.
  • Watch and replicate “Sniper Specific Techniques” for joint reduction…you will know how to use your hands and deliver masterful riveting adjustments with high-velocity and “bulls eye” accuracy.
  • How to adjust extremities with speed and accuracy…by skilled supervision…you will be able to adjust skillfully as you’ve dreamed of …master the techniques in a safe and supervised environment without costly debilitating mistakes.
  • Increase your self esteem and confidence…you will be the expert in your community and the envy of others.
  • Learn how to treat beyond the spine, and consider the patient’s whole body, and help them avoid costly and damaging surgery
  • Dr. Mally’s training isn’t available anywhere else in the world, learn straight from the source
  • Learn from the 10th degree black belt in extremity adjusting, Dr. Mally is THE expert and can help you become one too

The A-B-Cs of Dr. Mally’s SST:

1)      A (anatomy)
2)      B (biomechanics)
3)      C (clinical evaluation)
4)      D (demonstration)
5)      E (extremity manipulation workshop)


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4)      Experience Every Extremity + Expertise = Expect (or Enhances) Extraordinary Excellence

5)      Learn Straight From the Source Dr. Mally’s Incredible “Sniper Specific Techniques”, The Future of Your Practice, Your Patients and You Are Depending On It!!!

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19)  Dr. Palmer Adjusted Extremities and History Reveals That He Used His Hands…Chiropractic Means Done by Hand, Not Used To Be Done By Hand…Learn Dr. Mally’s Hands-On Techniques And Replicate His Incredible Results

20)  Szeretlek…