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2018 Dates Location Topic/Sponsor
January 19 Springfield, MO Wrist/Hand;Foot/Ankle
January 20 Harrisburg, PA Foot and Ankle Injuries & Syndromes
January 27 Orlando, FL Foot and Ankle Injuries & Syndromes
February 9 Panama City, FL TBA
February 10 Greensboro, NC Hands On Foot Adjusting Technique
February 15-17 Bournemouth, Eng Wrist/Hand Conditions & Syndromes
February 23-24 Las Vegas, NV TMJ & Cervical Spine
March 1-3 Las Vegas, NV
Shoulder Injuries & Syndromes (Parker)
March 10 Harrisburg, PA Knee/Hip Conditions & Syndromes
March 17 MA (TBA) Foot and Ankle Injuries & Syndromes
March 24 Millford, CT TMJ & Cervical Spine
April 7 Las Vegas, NV Laser Rehab
April 14 FL (TBA) Wrist/Hand Conditions & Syndromes
April 20 Jacksonville, FL TBA
April 21 CA (TBA) Sports Panel for C.C.A
April 28 MA (TBA) Foot and Ankle Technique Bootcamp
May 5 Harrisburg, PA Leg Length
June 2 Greensboro, NC TBA
June 21-22 Doral, FL Extremity Extravaganza

*Note: Please contact Dr. Mally’s office at (563) 823-5555 to confirm dates and locations prior to the event, to confirm event status. Dr. Mally can also be reached at